Saturday, 19 November 2011

The Goblet of Fire

Just finished watching it for only the second time, and the one thing that's running through my head is: Why didn't Peter Jackson do the Harry Potter movies?

It's funny how you watch a movie years later and get all these minute things from it that you didn't earlier. Par example, I'm fuming at the way the final scene with Barty Crouch Jr. was done. I distinctly remember the shock I felt when I read that chapter of the book for the first time; I never saw that coming. I mean, it's one thing to understate the big reveal, and quite another to just deal with it in 2 minutes like it were any other part of the story. Thank you Mike Newell.

Sigh. Saturday is just the worst day to try and get work done. You come off a full week of work, and really, your weekend has just begun, and then you have all these chores to take care of...and just when you think it's time to put in some hours with the books, everyone just decides to, oh I don't know, watch a Harry Potter movie. So much for the iron resolve.

Tomorrow is another day; I'm coming for you Algebra.


  1. very random- has nothin to do with the post but im asking- are you back for Christmas?:D

  2. Yes I am! I land on the 21st, 22nd types. I can't wait!